Best of both worlds: Lynx Golf Course combines beauty and brains

It used to be a Christmas tree farm, but now you can now find some of the most picturesque golf at the Lynx Golf Course in Otsego.

You’re surrounded by pine trees in the front half of the course, which is unusual in this area.

“You really don’t know you’re in Southwest Michigan when you see this golf course,” said Jim Szilagyi, general manager.

Formed in sort of two loops, no two holes are next to each other. Each one is framed by scenic beauty. 

You’ll golf along the Kalamazoo River and sit from atop the second-highest point in Allegan County at the clubhouse. 

“It’s tree-lined pretty much all the way around,” Szilagyi said

Of course, the combination of elevation changes and trees means this is a brainy course. It helps to play strategically.

“You can’t just swing wildly, you have to think a little more about your shots,” Szilagyi said.

Holes number 4 and 5 are especially dramatic.

The fourth hole is one of the more difficult driving holes — it’s a gradual uphill par four. From the tee, you’ll see an intimidating pond about 200 yards and a big hickory tree in the middle of the fairway. Don’t make your first shot right away. 

“You have to think yourself through the entire way to the hole,” Szilagyi said. Play short of the pond you have to get over water. Go right, and you have a large hickory tree that you have to go around or go over. The slope is from back to front and it’s extremely fast if you’re above the hole.

After you get through that, you’ll face one of the longer holes on #5. It starts on a little bit of a high spot and goes down into a valley. First, take in the majestic view. You’ll have par 5, but keep an eye on the elevation change going up to the green. Szilagyi said for the second or third shot, it’s a two-club difference. 

To get through it, you’ll have to take into account an imposing bunker and the elevation change. It’s another severe green, so you need to be below the hole to make your putt.

The grounds crew has been constantly working on course conditions this year and it’s better than ever. 

The Lynx is a good option for golfers who don’t want to drive eight hours or more up to the northern part of Michigan. It’s easy to get to, and with a package from Southern Swing, we can also arrange for your lodging and other nearby courses for a golf getaway that is both beautiful and convenient.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a customizable golf package with personalized service, email or call 1-877-MI-SWING.

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