Medalist wins golf innovation award

Michigan has plenty of beautiful golf courses. If a business wants to stand out, it has to go above and beyond.

You’ll find that at Medalist Golf Club, winner of the John Dodge Carpe Diem Award.

“They give it out to individuals who grow the game,” said Medalist owner Lowell Weaver.

It was Lowell’s idea to use the computer system on each golf cart for more than a map. Golfers can order from a menu of more than 100 items, including drinks and handheld food, which are brought to them on the course.

When it comes to snack carts, Lowell thought, “Why limit it?” Now golfers don’t have to wait for the next stop on their rounds.

The software was written specifically for the Medalist. While other courses have tried it since then, no one has been as successful.

Lowell said it works for the Medalist because he didn’t go halfway on it. He made sure he had the staff trained and personally followed through with his vision.

And it put the Medalist ahead of the game. They saw an increase in orders right away. The most popular snack on the course is chicken fingers.

The easy-order system also keeps the fun going, which speeds up the pace of play on greens that are quick and challenging.

Before you go to Medalist, practice your 70-foot putts, but also be prepared for some tight driving through woods and water. It’s not unusual to see cranes and deer wandering around the course. Some reviewers compared it to golfing up north.

For more than snacks, check out the Medalist restaurant, which has outdoor dining on a porch that overlooks the course.

“We’ll probably have dinner here because the food is so good,” Dan Levison said during a group outing last year.

In 2020, the Medalist was ranked #3 by golfers on the “Top 25 Best of Michigan Golf Courses” list for GolfAdvisor.

The goal of the Carpe Diem award is to tap into the passion, knowledge and creativity of those who work at Michigan golf courses. It’s awarded by the Michigan Golf Course Association. 

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