We’ll let you in on a secret… Binder Park Golf Course is a hidden gem

By Michigan Southern Swing CCVB | June 3, 2020

We know golf enthusiasts are always looking for the best deal, and they can find it at Binder Park Golf Course.“The premise of a city owning a golf course is to have affordable golf for its citizens in the community,” Golf Pro Ron Osborne said.The prices are lower, but you’re still going to find a…

The Medalist is voted #3 golf course in Michigan

By Michigan Southern Swing CCVB | March 23, 2020

Some “awards” can be bought, but some have to be earned. The Medalist Golf Club has been ranked the third best golf course in Michigan by golfers themselves — and it is in the top 50 list for the U.S.  “Premium golf experience for average cost,” wrote one golfer in a review. “I was giddy.…

Meet Kelli, your guide to golf

By Michigan Southern Swing CCVB | March 23, 2020

If you want to golf at some of the best courses in Michigan, you should call Kelli Beattie.  She’s the sales coordinator for Southern Swing, which is like being a travel agent. She’ll set you up with tee times, accommodations and restaurant reservations in Southwest Michigan. But first, you should ask her about her animals.…

Three things we learned at the Michigan Golf Show

By Michigan Southern Swing CCVB | March 23, 2020

Did the first breath of spring put you in the mood to golf? You’re not the only one. We met hundreds of people at the Michigan Golf Show in March. The Calhoun County Visitors Bureau sponsors the Southern Swing program, which provides travel planning for a stay and play package in the Battle Creek/Kalamazoo area. …

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