The Medalist is voted #3 golf course in Michigan

Some “awards” can be bought, but some have to be earned.

The Medalist Golf Club has been ranked the third best golf course in Michigan by golfers themselves — and it is in the top 50 list for the U.S. 

“Premium golf experience for average cost,” wrote one golfer in a review.

“I was giddy. It was awesome,” said Lowell Weaver, owner and general manager. “There are different awards you can get because you buy advertising in a magazine or all that kind of stuff, and this is strictly unsolicited, people who have come out to our course.”

GolfAdvisor invites golfers to rate courses and tallies the scores to determine the best every year.

The Medalist was ranked #3 on the “Top 25 Best of Michigan Golf Courses” and #31 on “Top 50 Golf Courses in the United States.”

Lowell estimates there are roughly 800 golf courses in Michigan. So what makes Medalist stand out?

“We pride ourselves on our staff. We are blessed to have a really good staff, that really cares about what’s going on, so they take care of people,” Weaver said.

A lot of the positive comments from GolfAdvisor are about the people who work at the Medalist, and Weaver makes sure to forward those comments on to the staff.

There’s also the advantage of a golf cart with a digital menu – so no waiting for the beverage cart to come around. More than a 100 items on the menu, delivered to golfers directly.

“We get a lot of good comments on our golf carts and our state-of-the-art GPS system, which is one of just a few in the country,” Weaver said.

Messages can also be sent through the system. If a small group is caught behind a large group, the Pro Shop can dispatch a playthrough request directly to the golf cart.

The GPS helps navigate large, multileveled greens so you know where the pin is and which club to use.

Practice your 70-foot putts, but also be prepared for some tight driving through woods and water. Some reviewers compared it to golfing up north.

The grounds are kept in great shape and play is quick and challenging. 

One golfer wrote: “Great course design allowing for many risk reward shots.” 

The Best of GolfAdvisor aren’t the only awards Medalist has won recently. They were given a Best of the Knot Award, from the website that specializes in wedding planning. The Medalist is Southwest Michigan’s largest wedding facility and has won the award four times out of the last five years.

The Medalist is part of Southern Swing, a service offered by the Calhoun County Visitors Bureau. It’s easy to plan a golf outing – pick among 15 premium golf courses and eight luxury lodgings. Our friendly and experienced staff will arrange all the details.