Where everybody knows your name: Cedar Creek Golf Club will welcome you like a friend

Working in the golf industry has given Cris Vocke some perspective on what it’s all about.

“I like to play in competition,” said the owner of Cedar Creek Golf Club, “but as I’ve aged, it’s more about the camaraderie. The personal relationships you’ve formed on the golf course.”

If you don’t just want to play a round of golf, but want to unwind and hang out, Vocke invites you to Cedar Creek in Battle Creek.

“You’re outdoors. You’re away from the real world for four or five hours. The game has changed now, too,” Vocke said.

There’s a relaxed dress code and some people bring Bluetooth speakers along in the golf cart. Not to mention the chance to enjoy an adult beverage.

“We serve really cold beer,” Vocke promised.

Cedar Creek has rolling terrain, with ponds, creeks, hardwoods and pine trees. It’s not unusual to spot wildlife while out on the course.

Everyone talks about hole number three. It’s a straight shot, but two ponds make it difficult. 

Jay Gladstone, sales director for the Calhoun County Visitors Bureau, recommends using a 3-wood or iron off the tee so you can set up your next shot right in front of the first pond. 

If you can hit the ball 300 yards, though, give it all you’ve got with the driver. Either way, it’s tricky, but it’s still possible to get that birdie.

Hole number four gives you a break, before you have to face a 90-degree turn at hole number five. Play around the dog-leg, or you can try to cut corners by hitting your ball over the tops of the trees.

All skill levels are invited to play. There’s an outstanding practice facility with two additional practice greens and a sand bunker.

“You’ll see grandparents playing with grandkids,” Vocke said. “You’ll see families coming out to spend quality time.”

No matter if it’s your first time or you’re driving in from out of town. Everyone, Vocke said, is treated like a friend.
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